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ZaTech® Compression Dynamics

Targeted ankle and arch compression zones for perfect fit and support with seamless toe closure

Top directional compression bands for 360 degree enhanced support

Left and right foot specific construction with nested heel and anatomical arch compression curve for a natural shape

Improved blood flow and muscle oxygen delivery for healthy muscles and tissue

Outstanding materials, quality and craftsmanship to last longer and retain the compression performance and benefits

Plantar Fasciitis* and Foot Pain

Layered targeted compression delivers relief to foot pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis and similar conditions

Increased blood flow to damaged or weakened tissue while stabilizing the Plantar Fascia to provide a long term solution

Improve oxygen delivery to reduce inflammation and discomfort, and expedite the healing and recovery processes

The anatomical design supports the foot muscles and tissue in place to support the natural foot structure and control swelling

Sports and Endurance

Second skin fit improves muscle response, reduces skin friction and prevents sliding, bruising and  blistering

Targeted compression improves blood flow and oxygen delivery for increased muscle endurance, power delivery and recovery

Lightweight and quick drying materials control moisture, keep optimal temperature and eliminate odor

Breathable mesh zones for improved airflow and comfort so you can keep going longer

Perfect for all sports - running, biking, cross fit, hiking, gym, yoga, tennis, walking and after-training recovery

Everyday Comfort and Recovery

Get relief from foot fatigue, fractures stress, heel, arch and ball of foot pain, cramps, pulled muscles, achilles tendon and heel cup issues

Quick-drying technology with breathable mesh zones for all-day odor-free comfort when you are on the go. Easy fit with any type of shoes

Targeted compression alleviates swelling and discomfort from long periods of standing or walking and increases recovery time. Perfect for long flights

Lightweight materials combined with high end fabrics and craftsmanship deliver outstanding feel, touch and all day comfort

*ZaTech® Compression socks and all affiliated products are not a medical product or device and have not been evaluated as such. Please consult with your physician if this product is suitable for you or your condition.

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Thoughtfully designed from toe to heel. Made in Europe.

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