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ZaTech compression socks: How compression socks help when you spend long periods on your feet?

Compression socks for people who are always on their feet

By Court Levins

This blog series is for you! Here, we answer some of your most asked questions backed by science and current research. 

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Hey everyone, 

 Today we’re going to dive into compression socks for everyday life – especially for those who are always standing and moving around. I will start my own experience - as a nanny and healthcare student, I tend to spend most of my days standing or moving around. When I know I’m going to be out of the house working long hours, I like to wear my ZaTech® Low Cut Edition socks with my sneakers. I tend to choose the Low Cut Edition socks because they work with whatever workwear I’ve chosen for that day, and I love the benefits I get from them! I feel supported and that the socks have my back when I’m running around work all day and then straight to a tough workout. 

Why do I wear compression socks on long days? 

It is common to experience swollen feet after prolonged time standing or walking - partially from pure gravity and partially from fluid movement and medical conditions. I feel that my feet swell less and that my legs don’t get as tired at work when I wear compression socks. If I had an especially tough workout the day before or went for a long bike ride or run, I usually go for the  ZaTech® Quarter Cut Edition socks to help with my recovery because they have stronger and more intense compression . While research on compression socks and recovery is still in its infancy, I feel that I definitely reap benefits from them. As I said, the biggest things I notice are that my legs don’t swell up and increase in volume nearly as much, and that my legs don’t get as exhausted. Although I’m not in the medical workforce just yet, I think anyone who has highly mobile jobs could benefit from trying compression socks out – such as doctors, contractors, and teachers. 

Are said benefits of compression socks proven or personal? 

As I mentioned, research on compression socks and recovery is in its infancy but quite a few studies have been conducted. If you’ve ever had surgery done, they likely had you wear some stylish compression socks during post-op to reduce the likelihood of blood clots. Research has found that compression socks aid in fluid and blood redistribution throughout your legs aiding in circulation and reduced swelling that’s associated with fluid retention.1 Along with their potential to reduce swelling, compression socks can also decrease the onset of edema by redistributing fluids around your leg and reduce the potential for pooling. 

So, what’s the takeaway on compression socks? 

For those reading this who are always on their feet or on the go, I say give compression socks a try. If you’re someone who walks or bikes to work, spends hours standing and moving around, or just notice that your legs swell up after a long day, compression socks could benefit you. If you’re interested in learning more about the mechanisms by which compression socks work and want to take a deeper dive in the scientific research aspect, check out our blog “Plantar Fasciitis: Compression Socks for Everyday Activities,” which offers more information regarding research done on compression socks implications on leg swelling and fluid distribution. 

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Until next time, happy moving!



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