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ZaTech® Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks | Sizing, Care and Recommendations

Do compression socks help plantar fasciitis - the overall answer is yes.

Compression socks should fit relatively snug on your feet so you can get the maximum benefit of the targeted and layered compression zones.

To put compression socks on we recommend the following: roll the sock down, stretch it laterally, position your toes in and roll the sock up your foot. There will be a slight pull as you go over your heel. 

Since our socks are designed to follow the anatomical shape of the foot make sure that it lays in properly to avoid discomfort. Give it a few tries - it quickly becomes second nature.

Here are our general guidelines for sizing. If you have wider feet feel free to go one size up.


Men 5 - 7 7 - 8 8 - 9.5 9.5 - 11.5 11.5 +
Women 5 - 8 8 - 9.5 9.5 - 11 11 +

 * We recommend our XXL size for large and wide feet


Care Instructions for Plantar Fasciitis Socks

Our products are made to be durable and long lasting so they don't require any special care. We use fine materials to increase the comfort and performance.

Normal machine washing is totally fine - use a gentler cycle, warm water and neutral soap. Do not bleach to avoid fabric and color deterioration.

Feel free to use lower temperature dryer cycle. When you take the socks out they may need to be stretched out a bit by hand so they get back into their natural shape. 

We also include additional care instruction and information in the product packaging.

Longevity of Compression Socks

We use only the best materials, fabrics and craftsmanship. Our products are designed to last, take a beating and require minimal care. Due to the specific nature of the compression construction and regular wear and tear we recommend replacing your compression socks every five to six months under normal daily use. 


*ZaTech® Compression socks and all affiliated products are not a medical product or device and have not been evaluated as such. Please consult with your physician if this product is suitable for you or your condition.