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ZaTech® Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks

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Key Features

Targeted and layered compression that works to deliver relief to pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis

Improved circulation and oxygen delivery to foot muscles and tissue to reduce inflammation and expedite healing

Second skin tight fit delivers increased movement precision and minimizes blistering and skin chafing Increased performance, endurance and sustained power with faster recovery

Breathable mesh zones provide outstanding temperature control and eliminate foot odor


A perfect fit with anatomically engineered left and right foot design to stabilize muscles and increase efficiency

Relieve symptoms related to fracture stress, heel pain, achilles tendonitis, pain in the foot arch and ball

Reduce and alleviate foot injuries and conditions - Plantar Fasciitis, cramps, pulled muscles, achilles tendon and heel cup issues, blisters and scrapes  

Increased blood flow to damaged tissue while lifting and stabilizing the Plantar Fascia 

Function and Quality

Ideal companions for long work shifts, longer flights or to control swelling while sleeping

Perfect for running, biking, cross fit, tennis, yoga, active sports and gym activities, walking, standing long hours, after training recovery

Moisture wicking materials keep your feet dry for those various conditions and long hours on your feet

Best quality materials combined with high end fabrics provide excellent fit and feel

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ZaTech compression socks for Plantar Fasciitis and foot pain

ZaTech® Plantar Fasciits Compression socks started with one goal in mind - to provide a comfortable and durable all around compression solution to help alleviate foot pain, boost performance and endurance, to help improve the overall feel and daily comfort for our customers and to promote foot wellness.

Plantar Fasciitis is a fairly common condition that causes a lot of discomfort and pain. Compression delivered in the right areas of the foot can help reduce that discomfort and alleviate the pain. Often times compression socks are recommended when healing fractures, muscles and tissue tears to keep everything in place and promote faster recovery.

Sports compression socks for running, biking & cycling, hiking, tennis, crossfit, to prevent blisters and more

As we went through the research and development phase of our compression technology we included its sports and athletic application. The results and feedback were fantastic - increased performance, endurance and stamina. It was so much easier to go through our favorite exercises or workout  routines achieving better results and staying at the peak longer and with less fatigue. Tons of friends use ZaTech® compression for marathons and triathlons, running and biking, hiking, tennis, crossfit, fitness, weightlifting and many more.

In both cases we believe ZaTech® Compression socks alleviate the stress related to continued activities and strain by keeping the foot muscles, tissue and fascia in proper form and shape. After all, recovery, healing and foot wellness do matter and make a significant difference. As we say - sometimes it is the small things that make a big difference.

We trust that you will find our ZaTech® Compression Socks an incredible companion no matter the adventure you embark on. We always look for feedback and recommendations. Please drop us a line through our feedback form or just send us a note at

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